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About us

At blainy, we’re passionate about bridging the gap between artificial intelligence and academic excellence. Founded by a team of researchers, educators, and tech innovators, we understand the challenges of scholarly writing firsthand. Our mission is to empower students, researchers, and professionals with AI-driven tools that enhance their writing process, spark creativity, and ensure academic integrity.

We’ve developed a comprehensive platform that combines state-of-the-art natural language processing with deep learning algorithms, tailored specifically for academic writing. Our tools don’t just assist – they educate, guiding users through the nuances of scholarly communication while maintaining their unique voice.

Our core values

Innovation in education

Innovation in Education

We continuously push the boundaries of AI to revolutionize academic writing and research methodologies.

Technological advancement

Empowerment Through Technology

Our tools are designed to build confidence, foster critical thinking, and unleash the full potential of every user.

ethics in ai writing

Integrity and Ethics

We prioritize academic honesty, ensuring our AI enhances rather than replaces human intellect and creativity.

Team behind blainy

Khalid Bashir

Founder & Developer



Fahad Zaidi


Mohammad Usman Bashir


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